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Full-Service General Contracting

At BC Contracting, we do it all. We’re a full-service team with a full-service mindset, which means we have the experience and resources you need to complete your next project—with time and budget to spare. We’re developers. We’re builders. We’re property owners, and our extensive industry experience has equipped us to help you with every phase of your project.

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Your Project Is In Good Hands


A key step in the success of a project, we’ll work with you to develop the budget and ensure the design holds to it. While also pushing the rest of the process to get your project through permitting.

General Contracting

The traditional route when the plans are complete and you’re looking for a price. We have the skilled subcontractors you need and they are willing to travel to wherever your project may be.


Our team coordinates your project, which includes selecting a site, re-zoning and the entitlement process, and design approvals. All the necessary steps to get your project permitted and ready to start.


We perform design and development services making the experience simpler for you while also mitigating your risk. When we say we do it all, we mean it.

Financial Services

Through the rock solid partnerships we have forged over years of delivering on time and on budget we can help you find equity and financing to make your project a reality.


If you’re just getting started and have the “dream” our seasoned team will work with you to ensure you project get’s off on the right foot.

Construction Management

We’re comfortable tailoring our contract to meet your needs and will provide more than just the standard General Contractor services. We’re naturals when it comes to Preconstruction, Planning, Real-Time Estimating, Value Analysis and more.

Site Selection

We identify the key advantages and disadvantages to each site and uncover tax incentives, analyze the area’s real estate, and develop a site plan.

Value Engineering

So often projects are designed without the budget in mind and then require extensive design changes to get to your budget which costs you time and money. Our approach is different, we’ll sit with you and your design partner to provide real time feedback on the design decisions your making and how they affect the budget.
Why Choose BC Contracting
Our Blueprint for Success

Speed to Market

We have a reputation for completing projects ahead of schedule without increasing cost or sacrificing quality. By providing this speed to market, we help our partners capture revenue early and exceed their business objectives.

Developer Mindset

We don’t just build things; we're developers and business partners. We provide effective insight before you break ground and drive value into every phase of your project.

Proven Track Record

We've successfully completed more than 5,500 units and 7,000,000 square feet of multifamily, commercial and mixed use units to date. This doesn't happen by accident. It requires experience, knowledge, and a dedicated team of experts, and we have all of them.

Team of Professionals

Our team has established a presence in the construction industry. We have extensive experience in every aspect of construction and development, giving us the skills to exceed expectations during every phase of the project.

Construction Knowledge

We approach every new project by pulling knowledge from our years of experience with complex designs. In doing so, we’re constantly improving our builds. Our value approach drives efficiency and allows you to spend money where it provides the most value to you.

Strong Relationships

In order to make your vision successful, it’s important for us to know exactly who we're working with on each project. We work hard to form long-standing relationships with our subcontractors, which means we have their loyalty and attention for when we need those extra resources to get your project complete.