COVID-19 Response
How BC Contracting Is Responding To COVID-19
We’re all in this fight together. BC Contracting is committed to ensuring the well-being of our team members, their families, our customers, trade partners and the communities in which we work. We’ve implemented measures that allow our work to continue, safely and responsibly.
On Site
At Our Projects
We are following the lead of the CDC and State Departments of Health. In general, we’ve taken the following steps:

  • Screening. All crews entering our project locations are screened on a daily basis.
  • Meetings. All project meetings are being held outside of the job trailer in a suitable location somewhere on site that provides adequate room to maintain social distancing practices. If a location on site is not available, we’ve transitioned those meetings to web meetings.
  • Cleaning. Measures have been taken to increase the frequency of cleaning on our projects including high traffic touch points and construction toilets.
  • Planning. We continue to refine our planning and sequencing of our work to accommodate applicable CDC and State Departments of Health guidelines, including social distancing.
Our Offices
At Our Offices
Our Leadership Team has made the decision to close our offices to the public at this time. If you need to visit us in person, please utilize your BC Contracting contact or call us at 701-356-3010.

In addition we’ve taken the following steps to continue operating as close to normal as possible:

  • Remote Work. Most of our office employees have been asked to work from home. We’re proud to be a technology focused Contractor which has allowed us to operate similarly to how we would at our desks.
  • Video Conferencing. We’re quickly becoming experts on Microsoft Teams, Zoom and other video conferencing platforms. We’re here to help and happy to facilitate a video conferencing meeting for you.
  • Travel. We’ve suspended all non-essential travel. As hard as it is for our team members to not regularly visit our projects. We’ve augmented their on-site experience through the use of OpenSpace (360 photo documentation service), jobsite cameras, FaceTime and more
Our Customers
How We're Managing Risk
At the onset of this pandemic we quickly realized this could have a significant impact to the execution of our projects. To proactively manage this we’ve taken the following steps:

  • Communication. We issued a commitment to all of our customers that we were working to understand the potential impact as soon as possible and committed to keep our customers informed as the pandemic evloves.
  • Project Risk Assessment. Our project teams have been hard at work, communicating with our trader partners and suppliers to identify potential labor or material procurement issues and develop mitigation plans to resolve issues as they arise.
  • Partners. BC Contracting is truly a committed partner. We understand these are challenging times for everyone and remain committed to assisting our customers to meet their business goals while navigating these uncertain times.